About & FAQ

What is this site for? is a fansite dedicated to World of Warcraft, offering a range of guides, tools, and data trackers. As the site is currently undergoing heavy development, you can expect even more features and content in the near future.


As a software and web developer, I've been itching to create a World of Warcraft fansite that includes some unique features (like dynamic guides and data tracker tools).

I love How can I support the site?

The best way to support is to spread the word among your friends who are into World of Warcraft. Word-of-mouth recommendations are invaluable to us! If you want to go above, check the 🎁 donate page for details. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated!

When the site data was last updated?

The custom backend data processor tool updates dynamic data behind the scenes regularly. The codebase was built against world of warcraft World of Warcraft patch. Current frontend version is 0.21.0 and was built 29 days ago.

Who is the developer?

Hey there, my name is Hüseyin (also known as Bonesoul#2655) and I've been playing World of Warcraft since 2004. I'm a veteran player and currently play on the Twisting Nether server as Horde in the EU region. I started developing this site back in November 2022 and have been dedicating my free time to it ever since. In addition to, I also own a few other sites like,,

What is the tech stack behind the site?

The site's frontend uses latest technologies like next.js next.js ,vercel vercel ,react react ,tailwindcss tailwindcss . On the backend postgresql postgresql and home-brewed dotnet core dotnet core based data processing tools are running.

I want to report a bug, have an idea or want to contact you

You can submit your bug reports to 🐛 issue tracker, submit feature requests and ideas to💡 feedback section . Similarly for discussions we do have a Discord. For anything beyond these, feel free to contact me.