Plunderstorm Update

Plunderstorm Update

4 months ago1 minute read


Patch 10.2.6 “Plunderstorm” introduces major changes to game, including a battle royale mode and a huge expansion meta-achievement “A World Awoken”. I've been working on the site last few days, to get it updated to latest patch.

Meta achievement guide

I've been working on a new guide for “A World Awoken”, the Dragonflight's meta achievement. The meta-achievement has a huge list of todos so I'll take a while to complete it, but still I've pushed the current version of the guide to live to let you guys get started!

It's a good time to start working on to get your meta-achievement completed and your brand-new mount Taivan!

Taivan Mount

New factions

Added patch 10.2.5 “Seeds of Renewal” faction Azerothian Archives to reputation tracker.


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