Return to the Forbidden Reach Update

Return to the Forbidden Reach Update

about 1 year ago1 minute read

As we have a new game update around “Return to the Forbidden Reach update” (10.0.7), I also released a new update for the site (0.13.0) accompanying it.

One of the major highlights of the 10.0.7 update is the rise and fall of the Retribution Paladins, but that's beyond the scope of this post. Instead, let's dive into some of the new features that this update brings.

Winterpelt Furbolg

10.0.7 adds the latest Winterpelt Furbolg faction. The faction has some nice rewards including:

For those toy and transmog hunters, I have added Winterpelt Furbolg faction to our reputation tracker tool.

Winterpelt Furbolg reputation tracker

Backend tools rewrite

The site heavily relies on World of Warcraft's data and API, which are consumed by our homebrew backend tools. With this update I've ported them to dotnet core. This means that future feature iterations will be much faster.

game data exporter tools

The game data exporter tool interacts with the game files, extracts the required data, and makes it ready to be used by our database migrator tool.

bnet updater tools

The updater tool consumes the API and retrieves the data required by our site. It's also the base for future tools that I plan to implement.

What's next?

As the base work is ready now, I'll soon start implementing PvP ladder & statistics section soon. Jump in to our discord for implementation details.


I'm always eager to hear your feedback! If you have any ideas or encounter any issues, please use our issue tracker. You can also connect with us on our discord server.