Fansites & communities

Here is a list our favorite World of Warcraft fansites & communities. If you want your site & community featured here, please contact us over our discord.

πŸ—‘οΈ Raiding

boss guides & videos.mythictrap.comboss guides & videos.
visual raid planner.raidplan.iovisual raid planner.
tank guides for raids.tanknotes.comtank guides for raids.
ready? check. pull!video guides for raid bosses.
raid logs analysis for guilds.wipefest.ggraid logs analysis for guilds.
personal raid logs analysis.wowanalyzer.compersonal raid logs analysis.
mythic raiding progression stats.progstats.iomythic raiding progression stats.

πŸ₯Š Arena

skillcappedarena & pvp guides.
pvp inspector.check-pvp.frpvp inspector.
arena statistics, ladder.drustvar.comarena statistics, ladder.
arena charts, ladder.arenamate.netarena charts, ladder.
arena match analysis.wowarenalogs.comarena match analysis.
arena streams.pvptv.ioarena streams.

πŸ’° Economy & Auction House

auction house prices & charts.undermine.exchangeauction house prices & charts.
gold making blog.thelazygoldmaker.comgold making blog.
profession guides.

🎲 Misc

twink community.xpoff.comtwink community.

πŸ—‘οΈ M+ keys

weekly m+ affixes.mythicpl.usweekly m+ affixes.
m+ routes.keystone.gurum+ routes.
weekly m+ statistics.bestkeystone.comweekly m+ statistics.
m+ routes & logs analysis.keystone-heroes.comm+ routes & logs analysis.

πŸ“ Builds & Leaderboards

arena, rbg, solo shuffle leaderboards, builds.pvpleaderboard.comarena, rbg, solo shuffle leaderboards, builds.
arena, rbg, solo shuffle, m+ leaderboards, builds.murlok.ioarena, rbg, solo shuffle, m+ leaderboards, builds.
raid, m+ tier lists.archon.ggraid, m+ tier lists.
arena, rbg, solo shuffle, m+ rankings.wowmeta.comarena, rbg, solo shuffle, m+ rankings.
arena, rbg, solo shuffle, m+ builds.wowvalor.apparena, rbg, solo shuffle, m+ builds.
arena, rbg, solo shuffle leaderboards.seramate.comarena, rbg, solo shuffle leaderboards.

πŸ¦† Collections

mount, pet, item collections.wowthing.orgmount, pet, item collections.
mount collections.warcraftmounts.commount collections.
pet collections.warcraftpets.compet collections.
pet collections.
pet guides.
generic collection guides.warcrafttavern.comgeneric collection guides.
armory for collectables.simplearmory.comarmory for collectables.
mount, pet, item collections.completionism.netmount, pet, item collections.
leaderboards for collectionists.dataforazeroth.comleaderboards for collectionists.
secrets database.warcraft-secrets.comsecrets database.
mount collection collection guides.

🎧 Class Discords

death knight discord communityacherusdeath knight discord community.
mage discord communityaltered timemage discord community.
warlock discord communitycouncil of the black harvestwarlock discord community.
druid discord communitydreamgrovedruid discord community.
shaman discord communityearthshrineshaman discord community.
paladin discord communityhammer of wrathpaladin discord community.
monk discord communitypeak of serenitymonk discord community.
priest discord communityravenholdtpriest discord community.
warrior discord communityskyholdwarrior discord community.
hunter discord communitytrueshot lodgehunter discord community.
demon hunter discord communitythe fel hammerdemon hunter discord community.
evoker discord communitywyrmrest templeevoker discord community.