March 2023 Update

March 2023 Update

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Five months ago, went live. In this post, I'll summarize the latest changes and discuss what's coming next.

The site has been receiving a lot of love from the community, and it has even been featured in a tips article on, another popular World of Warcraft fansite.

march 2023 pageviews

As for the latest changes, here are a few notable updates:

Reputation tool

The new reputation tracker tool allows you to track all of your characters' reputation levels in one place.

new reputation tracker tool

What's next?

So, what's next? I've already begun working on the backend tools that power's data. I'm re-implementing them in dotnet core, which should allow for faster iterations.

Additionally, I'm working on new tools & features including:

  • mount tracker.
  • PvP ladder tracker (and eventually PvE version)
  • more class hall & artifact apperances guides!


I'm always eager to hear your feedback! If you have any ideas or encounter any issues, please use our issue tracker. You can also connect with us on our discord server.